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2.1. "Oxygen Lift" facial therapy with serum

By using oxygen lift, we firm the skin so that it looks 4 to 5 years younger, instantly!! The treatment is recommended for all skin types. The treatment involves the use of oxygen lift combined with a serum that you choose. Treatment adding moisture to the skin and build new skin cells. It is an excellent method without the use of surgery.

For best reults: Recommended once a week for six weeks.

All oxygen lift treatments include cleansing, massage, exfoliation, toning and serum therapy.

Serum infusion types:

Vitamin C is recommended for mature and normal / dry skin.

Hyluronase recommended for mature skin with fine lines and wrinkles.

Caviar is recommended for all skin types, especially good for young skin. Provides instant glow to the face.

Duration: 45 min

Price: DKK 1200


2.2. Ozone therapy facials for acne/pigmentation

This treatment is ideal for acne, pigmentation and dark circles under the eyes. The treatment helps to brighten and disinfect the skin. It includes cleansing, massage, mask, ozone therapy.

The result is a clean, disinfected skin with drying of pimples and diminishing of pimples.

Recommended: 6 treatments over 6 weeks for best sustained results.

Duration: 45 min

Price: 650 DKK***



2.3. Diamond Dermabrasion (diamond peeling) with oxygen lift

The use of diamond dermabrasion is now well established in the cosmetics and beauty industry. It is an excellent skin regeneration method and helps mature and older skin look youthful. It helps to erase fine lines, reduces wrinkles, decreases scars and blemishes. At Mind Body and Soul, we have developed a unique system where we use oxygen lift with serum infusion immediately after diamond dermabrasion. This removes the dead skin cells and helps the skin to produce new cells of a better quality. It provides a smoother, softer, better moisturized skin with a great glow.

Note: If you select a dermabrasion treatment we include an oxygen lift absolutely free!!!

Duration: 50 min

Recommended once every week for 6 weeks.

Price: DKK 6800 for 6 treatments, DKK 1500 for a single treatment 

(Diamond dermabration without Oxygen: DKK 500)


2.5. Eyelash extension: Offered soon!

Latest Techniques in extension of eyelashes is based on best quality materials on the market. The procedure involves single lash method and looks completely natural, extensions will last for 15 to 25 days. (based on the use of eye make-up and eye make-up remover)

Duration: from 40-60 minutes depending on the customer eyelash structure.

Price: DKK 1500 for first time, Refill: DKK: 150


WAX TREATMENTS: Please reffer to Danish version on this website for our wax treatments.



2.4. Eyebrow and eyelash dyeing: 

The colour of your eye brows and lashes make your eyes more beautiful. At Mind Body & Soul, we believe that the eyes are the window to your soul!

We color and correct with the utmost care and use the world’s best colors.

Duration: 15 min to 30 min.

Price: DKK 250

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