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Ayurvedic Indian Spa Therapy

Ayurvedic herbal oils are free of preservatives and artificial fragrances. At Mind Body and Soul, we only use natural oils.

Spa therapy is an ancient Indian massage technique that increases the body's vital energy. In this special technique, masseuse works with the "chakras" which means energy points in Sanskrit (one of the oldest languages). The masseur uses soft movements with the hands along the energy lines, located next to the nerve plexus. The therapist also uses “pranic healing” (healing through transmission of natural energy from masseuse to customer)

It can be an excellent gift for a dear friend, girlfriend or just to yourself, to make you happy!


1.1. Ayurvedic head massage (sheersha abhanga)

It is a special technique that cleanses the lymphatic system and strengthens hair roots. This massage is given in the scalp, neck and shoulder. The massage includes a facial massage with oil followed by a cleansing facial mask, absolutely free!!... Excellent for relaxation and for improving blood circulation to the head and face and to regain vital energy and balance and for a fresh, beautiful glow.

Duration: 45 min 

Price: 650 DKK **special fall/winter holiday offer:450

1.3. Deep cleansing with aromatherapy.

This facial treatment uses natural essential oils that are chosen based on your skin type. The treatment is excellent for relaxation, to counter depression, migraine headaches and stress. The aroma therapy oils are world class, and we use only the purest and the best! The treatment includes cleansing, massage, exfoliation, firming and toning of the skin.

The results give your face a better structure and a natural glow, with a sense of peace and happiness!

Duration: 45 min.

Price: 550 DKK

1.2. Ayurvedic facial therapy

This facial is a special technique that strengthens and lifts the facial muscles and tightens the skin.

The therapy includes deep cleansing with warm compresses/fomentation. Impurities such as blackheads are removed manually followed by massage, exfoliation, skin toning and a detox lift.

Duration: 45 minutter

Price: 550 DKK

New!! : Whole body+Head massage (60 min) Price: 975 DKK; 90 min 1500 dkk, ***Special fall /Winter holiday offer 600/900


1.5. Dr. Kale's Massage for pregnant women ( Garbha Abhanga)

For centuries, Indian women practiced ayurvedic massage during pregnancy and post delivery. The massage is similar to all ayurvedic massages, as they work on the chakras, which gives an extreme sense of relaxation in the back, chest and the feet. The massage also helps to improve blood circulation to the placenta and benefits the fetus.  The heating oil helps the muscles to relax , and gives moisture to the skin. Recommended only from the fifth month of pregnancy till term.

At Mind Body and Soul, we use only the purest herbal oils for massage.

Note: You also get a complementary facial massage with detox/cleansing mask absolutely free!!.

Duration: 45 min.

Price: 800 DKK *****Special fall/Winter holiday offer: 450 dkk


1.6. Baby and child massage

The ancient Ayurvedic massage technique for infants and children is widespread and well known in India.

The massage for infants (0 to 12 months) strengthens muscles, nerves and pampers the baby's delicate skin. It also helps to induce a sound sleep.

For children over one year seems this massage soothing, and is especially good for children who are hyperactive eg: ADD (Attention Deficit Disorders and similar conditions)

Only the purest virgin olive oil is used for infant and child massage.

Duration: 45 min.

Price: 650 DKK


1.7. Hot herbal compress therapy:

A traditional Ayurvedic treatment for relaxation of tired muscles and nerves. It relieves aches and pains in the back, neck, legs, arms, fingers and feet.

The treatment starts with 30 minutes of hot compress therapy that involves the use of a pouch that contains exotic Ayurvedic herbs which are known to relax muscles and stimulate the nerves in a positive way. This is followed by a 20 minute relaxing massage to the area with special herbal oils.

At the end of the treatment the person feels completely relaxed and feels relief of pain and aches to muscles and joints.

An excellent treatment for old injuries to back and neck, stiffness and nerve pain. For girls and women suffering from menstrual cramps and back pain. Also excellent for women post- delivery. (after childbirth) Can start as early as 3 days after delivery.

Neck and shoulders,Whole back and arms,Lower back, legs and feet

Time: 50 minutes Price: 750 DKK

Whole body-

Duration: 90 minutes Price: 1500 DKK

Warning: Pregnant women are advised not to take this treatment in the lower back, but they are welcome to take it for legs, feet and shoulders.


1.8.  Exotic Tripple action body scrub:

 Super relaxer, exfoliater and toning body scrubs

In traditional Indian beauty therapy, body scrubs were used thousands of years ago to keep the skin

looking young, fresh, smooth and clean and smelling good.

 Herbs and minerals such as sandalwood, turmeric and mineral clay were used apart from essential

oils, oatmeal and wheat bran. 

Scrubs help to exfoliate dead skin leaving a clear, clean smooth and soft base for fresh new skin. The presence of aroma oils can help to enhance mood as well as nourish the skin.

At Mind Body and soul, we bring you the best of this traditional treatment in a modern, spa setting.

Relax as the therapist gives you first a soothing relaxing massage followed by a gentle exfoliating, all

natural body scrub with lemon grass and orange blossom.

This luxurious treatment not only is a super relaxer but leaves feeling super fresh, smooth and fragrant…all with the goodness from nature.

Steps: 1.Massage: 2.Scrub: 3. Clean up 

Back/legs/arms: 30 min Price: 600 DKK  

Feet: Duration:  30 min Price: 600 DKK, Whole body: 60 min Price: 900 DKK 



1.4. Dr. Kale's Chakra Abhyanga (Chakra Abhyanga)Ayurvedic body massage with oil. (Offered only for women)

The ancient Indian traditional practice of Ayurvedic massage stimulates the "chakras" are energy points located along the spine. Each chakra is stimulated individually via a special "pranic healing" technique. This healing massage relaxes you completely and after the massage you will feel refreshed and full of energy, ready to meet the challenges of everyday life.

Note: You get a facial massage with a detox/cleansing mask absolutely free!!.

Duration: 45 minutter

Price: 800 DKK 

New: Whole body+head massage(60 min) Price: 975 DKK ****Special fall/Winter holiday offer: 550 dkk (90 min: 750 dkk)


1.9 Couples massage

Enjoy a relaxing exotic wellness massage with a loved one, family or friend in tranquil, softly lit surroundings. We use only the purest herbal oils to pamper your senses. 

Price: DKK 1600 per couple 

1.11 Foot massage

We are connected to the ground for most by our feet, Our feet bear our weight all day and deserve special treatment from time to time. Tired feet can scream with pain and need to be pampered. Try a soothing calming foot massage with a warm herbal oil followed by detox foot mask that laves you feeling completely relaxed and refreshed. 

Price: DKK 575

Duration: 50 min. 

Other Treatments

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